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Protection and repair products for laminate wood flooring


Felt Furniture Protection

27 piece pack

Stick on Multi Pack

For use on any furniture

Felt protection for your floors.

Ref. CMP-151-27

Price per pack £ 3.75

In Stock

Pergo Felt Furniture Protection

21 piece pack

Stick on Multi Pack

For use on any furniture

Felt protection for your floors.


Price per pack £ 3.55

In Stock


Sunken Inset Mat Well -  Entrance Mat System ( Quickstep Branded )

Quick-Step has a doormat that fits neatly in your hallway. The brushing zones help prevent sand and dirt from coming into your home. In addition, the mat helps to avoid wet footsteps in your hall. The doormat fits seamlessly in a strong aluminium frame that is countersunk into the laminate. It’s easy to install and clean. A very elegant and practical solution.

Optimum protection of your Wood & Laminate Flooring, you can avoid unnecessary damage to you floor. The scraping zone of the mat loosens the dirt. Coarse dirt such as grit is already removed from shoes in this zone. The brushing zone removes all fine dirt (e.g. sand) which has been loosened in the scraping zone. The drying zone helps remove any moisture.

Easy to fit - the prefab frame can be used with all laminate floors over 7mm thick, in fact most laminate / wood or tiled floors, as long as the mat well cutout in the flooring / sub-floor is packed up to the height of the frame using plywood etc. to keep the mat at the correct finished height.


Frame 478 x 790mm ( external dimensions ) Doormat 434 x 746mm - 9mm Thick

What's included: 1 x QuickStep Doormat System  - ( 3 cleaning zones ) & pre-made frame

Order Reference: CMP-QS-011

Price Per Mat £ 55.95


NEW Laminate & Wood Flooring Repair Kit - wax based system

What's included:

QuickStep laminate and wood Repair Kit - Wax System Contains:

1 x Heated Melting Knife for melting wax (requires batteries 3 x AA)

7 x Hard Wax Tablets

Various Scrapers and Finisher Pads

Full set of instructions for use.

Light damage can be easily repaired with the Quick-Step Repair Kit. Simply recreate the colour of your damaged planks by mixing the seven wax pieces selected to cover all Quick-Step colours. The repair kit contains a melting knife, a cleaning comb and seven wax blocks to cover most floor colours.

Take a look at this Video of how to use this kit Quick-Step Repair Kit Video

(this link opens new browser to youtube video of this item)

or copy and paste this link into your browser for further information.  

This Wax Based repair system is suitable for repairing most types of wood and laminate flooring.

This item requires 3 x AA batteries, these are not supplied in the packets.

In Stock

Price Repair Kit Price £ 29.95